The purpose of this book is to spiritually challenge the body of Christ to seek God for spiritual maturity. It opens our hearts to genuinely love others without seeking anything in return. 

It presents the opportunity to examine the value of the wonderful gift God has given us.

Love is such a powerful tool that it makes a person love those who are hateful. Love doesn’t scourge a person for falling into sin; instead, it will overpower evil and do the one thing that it does best: love.

In spite of the cost for his ransom, in spite the pain of being separated from his Father, and in spite of the suffering and the shame, love sacrificed it all to reconcile man back to himself. He became the perfect example for Christians to mimic. This book is a challenge for all Christians to look in the mirror (the Holy Bible) in order to see what the Spirit has to say and then make the necessary changes to mature in Christ.