When All Else Fails, LOVE

There is a sad truth in the Christian community.  The good news is the body of Christ wants to help everyone find his or her way back to heaven from which we came.  What’s sad is everybody doesn’t want our help.

Accepting love is a choice. Those who don’t want it, have the option of rejecting it. Unfortunately, there are spiritually lost people turning down the help that will lead them to Christ.  What can we do?

People can choose whatever path they wish in this life.  Although we want to rescue them, all we can do is be a good influence and pray for them.   The Bible teaches us to let our light so shine…  Because the truth of the matter is, we try to force people to shine when the source of power isn’t working in them to make it shine.

We can’t forget about those who are lost nor give up on those who has lost their way. Praying for the sick is what we are instructed to do.  Ask yourself: I’m I compassionate? I’m I loving? Have I made myself friendly? Do I seek to help when I can? Or is life all about me and my needs?

Let us search ourselves to become more useful in God’s kingdom. This will allow us to be spiritually minded, so the things of this world won’t hinder our service or stop our progress.

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